The Lost Ones

It is detrimental to my heart to see young people of color who can’t read. (By young, I mean individuals who were born between the years of 1985- 2004) I often think to myself, how did the education system let this happen? Are the parents able to read? I agree that educating children is a three-way relationship between student, parent, and teacher. However, somewhere along in this relationship, someone was not committed to the well-being of the child. As young individuals of color, the effects of not knowing how to read can pose a threat on our life. We can easily be the subject of manipulation by our opposite counterparts due to the lack of literacy because we have been deemed by society as incompetent to process any reading material that could present potential benefits for our well-being. I fear the thought that this trait could possibly pass to our offspring, unless we have the initiative to learn how to read or have been inspired by someone to be literate. In order to strengthen the communities of color, this negative aspect must be addressed.  I encourage those of you who are acquainted with individuals that lack literacy, to aide them in this area.   Just think of all the attributes people of color can bring to their community. Think of how they can use their words to empower and change the constant negative factors that have plagued the communities of color for generations.

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