Lies From Soceity


There have been ideologies placed in our homes that have generated from society. Majority of these ideologies are lies. For example, let’s use the ideology of college. If you graduate from college, you will have an advanced opportunity to be chosen for a job. While this may hold some truth for some individuals, it is not entirely true for all individuals who have graduated from college. Black recent college graduates were more likely than other recent graduates to be unemployed or subjected to low-paying jobs that did not require a college degree. This statistic also applied to black college grads from STEM programs. One reason behind the job disparity is racial discrimination (Jones& Schmitts, 2014, pp. 11-12). Another false ideology given by society is guaranteed protection of individual rights. ( No, I am not bashing law enforcement). Recently, I read an article that described how child labor is common on tobacco farms in the U.S. “In the United States, the government and tobacco companies are failing to protect teenage children from dangerous work in tobacco farming”( World Report, 2017). My question is why? Why must we continue to endure the lies that have been conjured by our society? I’ll tell you why, we are simply blinded by rules and regulations that have been designed by individuals in power. As citizens and permanent residents, we must continue fight for what will eventually progress our country and communities in the right direction. For my black brothers and sisters or any person of color who may be struggling to find work, keep searching or start your own business. Do not give up and certainly do not let your counterparts discourage you.


Jones, J., Schmitts, John. ( 2014). A college degree is no guarantee. Retrieved from

World Report 2015: United States.( 2017). Retrieved on 2/10/2017 from

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