The Waiting Game

Be patient. Wait. Your time is coming. These are the common phrases we have often heard throughout our human existence. When we want something, we want it immediately. Especially if it’s going to help us progress in life. We set goals for ourselves as human beings and we work hard to achieve them. It is only human to want to see instant results. But, like our elders and ancestors have expressed to us, everything has its place and time. The hardest part of this expression is waiting. While we are waiting, we tend to ask ourselves the following questions: why hasn’t this happened yet, what have I done wrong, or how much longer to have to wait? Sometimes, you may even look at others to see that they have what you are trying to get. In the midst of all your worries and self-evaluations, you must keep striving for greatness. It is your greatness that helps our communities thrive and have meaning. When the world see’s you, they see all of your accomplishments and success. Yet, they fail to see the time in which you waited for your accomplishments and success to come to you. Do remember, that it’s OK to change your route, when you are trying to accomplish what you want. It is critical to know that when you stop trying to accomplish anything, that all your hard work and efforts are now wasted. However, at any point during your waiting game you feel as though you want to quit,  remember : It or he may not come, when you want it or he to come but, it or he is always on time.

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