Work, Love, and Live

Alarm clock goes off. You wake up, get dressed, and it’s off to work. It may even be possible that you could be headed to a job that you are not happy with; yet, you have forced yourself to be happy by finding factors that are perceived to be satisfying such as the salary, the occupation, or the benefits. Let me tell you, there is no joy in going to a place where you spend countless hours of hard labor to a corporation that gives you 30 minutes to an hour of a break. Personally, I feel as though our jobs are a modern form of slavery, unless you’re the manager or boss (aka overseer and slave master).   Don’t forget that this job will terminate you the minute you are not performing to their standards. The question is, why do we continue this dreadful cycle? I’ll tell you why, our mentality of thinking is the fact that we need our job to provide for our family or ourselves. While this may be true, do understand that life will continue to pass you by if you are only working to provide. Yes, we need to work in order to afford the necessities that can help us care for our bodies but, you were not created to only to work like mule and provide for your family. Here is some food for thought: How about you take what you have learned from your job and apply it to that future business you will start or find another job that gives you purpose and meaning. After all, you can still provide by doing something that YOU love. Think about it. Why spend the remaining of your days making someone else’s dream come true? If you feel as though you are working hard but not fulfilling a meaningful purpose, I encourage you to change your mentality and take your years of hard work and apply it to what you love.

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