Institutional Racism

Does institutional racism exist? Try asking educated Hispanics, who have worked in a company for over five years and have repeatedly applied to higher positions, but are consistently rejected because they “lack” certain qualifications. Or try asking the family from Iran, who pays a higher interest rate on their car. What about the black man, who has been trying for over a year to get a mortgage, but has been denied every time. Each of these cases are examples of institutional racism. “Institutional racism is the manipulation of institutional policies. Understand that racism reflects institutional, social, and cultural influences that are designed to keep people of color oppressed”( Dovidio, Gaertner, Henkel, 2006 p. 101). “As a result of institutional racism, racial disparities have occurred in employment, housing, education, healthcare, government and other sectors”(Definition and Analysis of Institutional Racism, N.D).

Now that I have given you some background knowledge on institutional racism, let’s explore the case study of the black man who has been denied a home mortgage several times.  When this black man is denied, he is constantly reminded of one of the disparities African Americans and other minorities endure in the U.S. “In 2015, 27.4% of black applicants and 19.2% of Hispanic applicants were denied mortgages, compared with about 11% of white and Asian applicants” (“Blacks and Hispanics and Home loans”,2017). If you are still baffled about this topic, let me give you another scenario. Imagine living in a community where the conditions such as crime, food, education, and the environment are unbearable. You try desperately to move into a better community, but have been told that you do not make enough or some other restraints used to deny you to a better community. Indeed, the policies that are manifested in institutional racism has caused segregation amongst the different cultures in the U.S. How can we end this system of oppression? Educate yourself and those around you. Look up your local politicians and challenge them on certain policies that are not fair. As for me, I will continue to write and voice my opinion on this diabolical topic.


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