To Conform Or Not Conform

We all have been guilty of committing the act of conforming. Some of us conform more than others because it can be the key to survival. For example, you may have to conform on your job to prevent your boss from terminating you or your co-workers from watching you more than what they should. What about when we apply for jobs? Don’t we have to conform to that job position to which we apply for? I have found myself changing my entire personality just to meet the specifics of a particular job’s needs. Here is one that everyone is familiar with, an encounter with the police. It can turn tragic when civilians do not conform with the police. Since, we have covered a few examples of when we have to conform, when should we not conform?  The answer to this can be left to the individual who is choosing not to conform. Whatever reasons you may use to support your decision not to conform, they are considered YOUR personal beliefs and experiences. However, one should understand that there are consequences that are associated with both options. Do know that it is OK for you to change your views on when to conform and not to conform. You will be surprised of what change can do.

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