The Perceptions Surrounding Kaepernick’s Image.

professional 3

Which one “looks” more professional? Or, which person should clean up their image?  No matter which one you chose, your opinion will clash with someone else’s opinion of who “looks” more professional. The same concept applies to Colin Kaepernick. How dare any of you say that his image needs to be cleaned up and that he needs to cut his hair? Especially people who are religious. You know, the ones who like to throw occasional scriptures in order to feel righteous. Whatever happened to the saying, thou shalt not judge? We are all faced with choices in life. The choice of Colin cutting his hair is his own choice. At some point, he will be the one to decide what he should do. No matter what he does, he will still face backlash for the choice he will make. This is because we as a society do not know how to control the venom that rolls from our tongues. We spit out lethal and deadly words at our opponents because our opinion is the right opinion. In reality, all you are doing is fueling war, arguments, and hatred.  There are two sides to the argument of Kaepernick cutting his hair and cleaning up his image: one side agrees with cultural assimilation (Michael Vick) and the other side are in agreeance with individualism.

So, what will happen if Kaepernick  does not cut his hair or clean up his image? He will problem be ridiculed from the people who agree with cultural assimilation. These are the individuals who have a perception on what we as a society should look like, how we should speak, and what we should wear. They like to play the safe game and reject any form of individualism that will compromise their new perceptions. They will alter their biological identity, so that they can feel accepted.  If given a choice to cut off their hair or risk being accepted, they will choose the former. This is what happens when you accept cultural assimilation. You take on the dominant culture’s perspectives and we all know who the dominant culture in America is.  However, with Colin’s situation, all is not lost. If he did not cut his hair, he will be praised by those who accept individualism and reject cultural assimilation. These are the individuals who are not afraid of their identities. They embrace their individualism and will go above and beyond to protect their individuality.  If given the choice to cut off their hair or risk not being socially accepted, they will happily choose the latter. To them, it’s like telling a man to hand over his testicles in order to be accepted in a society that does not even respect him.

ck 2

On the other hand, if Kaepernick does decide to cut his hair or clean up his image, he would be considered a sell out to the people who agree with individualism. They will continue to mock him and criticize him for his choice to culturally assimilate to the dominant race’s perspectives. Don’t get it twisted, cultural assimilation in America does have its rewards. However, the moment you decide to disagree with the dominant culture’s perspectives, is the moment when all those rewards will be confiscated. (Ask Tomi Lahren and  Tiger Woods, ). Now, if Kaepernick does cut hair or clean up his image, he will be praised by those who accept cultural assimilation. They will explain, that he is an exemplary figure of what it takes “to earn” your way in this society. To some  people who support individualism, Kaepernick will be an exemplary figure that is intellectually weak and controlled mentally by the dominant race.

ck 3

As a person who supports individualism, I will NOT criticize Kaepernick for the choices he will make. Instead, I will analyze his reasoning’s and make an effort to understand why he made his choice. After all, he is in the middle of a controversy at the moment, and we are all watching.


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