To the Woman I love


I sit here, on a day of celebration, yet I feel alone

Oh how I wish you were here, to see how much I have grown

There are times I want to pick up the phone, to give you a call

But I know the call won’t go through, so I stop and pause


Many nights, I cry out your name

Over and over, my, how I make myself insane

You were one of the few women, who knew me by heart

But now you are gone, and we are forced to be apart


I came to visit you once, while you were resting

And decided to have a drink, while confessing

That I am nothing without you, the woman I love

I wish I could die with you, so that I can feel your hugs


Yet, the last time I spoke to you, you said were proud

I must stay up; I promise not to let you down.

Though you are gone, your presence still remains within me

I know I must find a way, to get rid of this heart filled misery






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