Each One Teach One


Recently, I watched a commencement speech from Denzal Washington,  given at Dillard University. Within this speech, he mentioned a set of words that sent shivers throughout my entire soul. Each one Teach one. For a moment, I stopped to decipher what these words really meant. I must admit, these words caused me to reflect on my experiences as an entrepreneur.

Throughout my time as an entrepreneur, people have discouraged me and looked down upon me because of the vision that I have for myself. Not too many people support me as an entrepreneur. These people are in a position, where they feel, that they have reached their level of satisfaction within their career. They are comfortable. These individuals have no intentions of helping those coming up behind them. Yet, offer nothing but criticisms to those who are trying to taste a bit of success. I have had conversations with these type of individuals and their usual remark is: I got mines, you need to get yours. I believe these people are against the Each One Teach One philosophy because they may fear upcoming competition or they may actually enjoy seeing others struggle.

I will continue to be criticized and misunderstood by those who have the slightest clue of what I am doing. However, in the process, I am inspiring others not to sink within their own despair. Each One Teach One. You see, I am the type of individual who motivates others by my own past experiences. I am not the type of woman who leaves anybody behind because I know all too well what that feels like. Something dark and evil possesses those who think they are better than others just because of their socioeconomic status/class. Rarely, do I see these individuals trying to help those who are doing their absolute best to become successful.

As an entrepreneur, I know within time, I will find my success. I will not turn my back on those who are trying to reach their level of success. For those of you, who have stuck by my side, and provided me with CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms, I am forever grateful for you. Those of you who continuously criticize and mock me and others, who are in search for success, I challenge you to change your ideologies.  Use your given gift to help those around you. In time, you will see a better developed community around you. Each One Teach One.

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