Dear Black America

If you discouraged about the recent midterm election, don’t be. We are a marginalized group that is hated by almost every culture/ethnicity. With that being said, we can not let other people(  ethnicities  ) rescue us. As Lisa Nichols says, “We have to be our own rescue”. Somewhere after the civil rights movement, we became comfortable. Instead of developing a plan for financial success, we relied on a dead end job for money. There were days when we were even afraid to go to work because we thought that we might get fired. We also racked up college debt in hope for a better future because most of us did not come from wealth. Now we are stuck in a debt that will take us 20-30 years to pay off.

We also became lost by the music and social media. Instead of researching and reading , we fell for the lyrics that degrades ourselves and our communities. Some black women have fallen into the  trap of skin bleaching because someone has told them that you are to pretty for a dark skin girl, or because they do not see enough dark skin girl representation. Well, I am here to tell you, black women come in all different shades and sizes. You are beautiful. You must believe this. Stop aiming to be a Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, or Beyonce. Aim to be better than them.Stop degrading one another just to get attention or a couple of likes. Black women, you are unique.

Some of you black men have become mentally lazy. Some of you have  fathered children and decided to be a part time dad and some of you refuse to work to take of the children you have fathered. Don’t you know the repercussions of not  putting more effort into spending time with your children? They hate you, and they resent you.( Trust me. I am that child) Show your children that your care.

 We stopped building strong family foundations and decided to break our committed values. Instead  of implementing the idea to be a wife or husband, we prefer to have baby mamas and baby daddies. Instead of committing to one woman or one man, we would rather have two or three and chase after the next Instagram model. Most of us have lost our values and lowered our standards.

Honestly, I have seen more of us that are awoke and taking action within our communities. But, these issues still remain, and until we fix these issues, politicians will continue to use and neglect us.


  1. What must be done for black people must be done by black people, i agree. But we have all simply been misled or educated incorrectly and that same info has been passed down through the generations. With systems in play such as gov. assistance our women are now more trusting of being taken care of and provided for by them and many times choose them over the father because to get the assistance you can’t have a man in the house. So its not always the father that doesn’t want to be in the childs life or that ops to being a part-time father but is the one that is forced out of that family of having a husband/wife bond and being there everyday for their kids like they planned before conception because the mother choose the gov to be the “man of the house” vs the actual father because it has been taught over time to do that. With the lack of equal opportunity or resources to provide as “others” black men are among the least likely candidates for a secured means of providing and there through the mis education through the generations, we do not think it’s more prosperous to build as the black man/woman together and not rely on outside groups. The women would rather choose others over defending their men and the men would rather choose others because they believe they may be just used as a “donor”. In order to start change we must admit that both black men & women are being pimped and taught to be at odds with each other because they know that the bond between us and the black family is the end of their control over us and their rulership.

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    1. I am so excited to see and read a BLACK male’s perspective on these issues that have plagued our communities. I agree that we have been misled and miseducated by institutions that were designed to break the black community. Because our communities have been misguided for so long, we have relied on government institutions to rule our household. As you mentioned, this would be hard for a man to fully teach and provide for his family because of the conditions implemented by those government institutions. This is where the arguments begin with the black woman and black man. We have to wake up! We must be aware and understand that their institutions designed to destroy the black family union.


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